IN PHOTOS: Bon Iver and Death Cab for Cutie Headline Wanderland 2016

Already on its fourth year, it was still surprisingly our first time to attend Wanderland Music and Arts Festival. Yes! Titas and Titos of Manila reprezzzent! Noticeably Wanderland Music Festival is for the younger crowd but with Bon Iver and Death Cab for Cutie headlining this year, we were sure we wouldn’t let this one pass. Otherwise we will be regrettably singing “What might have been lost…” on repeat.

Bon Iver
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Japsuki: A Pinoy Dreampop Fascination

September 1, 2015. Boiler Room Bar. Japsuki x Sugar Hiccup

It was the last gig of Sugar Hiccup’s reunion tour, with the opening set by Japs Sergio performing as Japsuki, a solo project of his. At first thought, “Why haven’t we watched him before?”. Listening to Japsuki’s music was like being in a fascinating daydream, his songs from Monologue Whispers spun a continuous revolution of music ensuing from his other band, Daydream Cycle.


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Dicta License: Before the Long Break

Dicta License

Why do I like Dicta License? What made me a fan of this band for too long? I was caught in a surprise interview by Max from Radio Republic on the last gig of Dicta License last July 25 at B-Side before they go on a temporary hiatus. Not being able to express myself articulately, I was flustered with blurting out some fan musings without clearly pointing out what really made me a follower of this band. And it got me thinking.

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Muziklaban Rakollision Finals Night – Part 2

The historic walls of Intramuros staged this year’s biggest and longest running rock competition, Red Horse Muziklaban. Running for 16 years already, it featured the country’s  most sought after bands which have been on the scene as long or if not longer than the Muziklaban competition itself. For this year, the bands were not only performers but also mentors to the 5 finalists (IKACO, Ex-Manager Band, Through the Waves, Nobela and Blood Over Matter) as well.

See the 5 finalists perform with their mentor bands here : Muziklaban Rakollision Finals Night – Part 1



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