Deftones Live in Manila


Come start of the year 2011, there had been rumors of foreign bands coming to Manila. Bands that I only dreamt of watching when I was still in college.  To start the year off, Deftones was finally confirmed to be performing in Manila on February 12, 2011 at the World Trade Center.


It was a personal fact that Deftones was one of my favorite bands, listening to “then” NU107 radio station for the more familiar and mostly played popular songs – Change in the house of flies and Back to school (mini maggit).

Deftones Live in Manila

I went to the concert without knowing much of their songs in their latest album they were promoting, Diamond Eyes.  At first, I was a bit anxious if the concert will meet my expectations. With this in mind and a slightly tightened  budget, instead of getting a VIP ticket, I just settled for a Gold.

Deftones Live in Manila

Two local bands Slapshock and Urbandub played opening act that night. Chino Moreno was watching on the sidelines as the bands rocked the audience. Seemingly, he was already getting the vibe of what the listening audience was like.

Deftones Live in Manila

The audience was ecstatic. When Deftones came out on stage and performed, the crowd went berserk. I just found myself jumping to every song Deftones was playing. Not to mind, I was sneak shooting at the event.

Deftones Live in Manila

The band (specially vocalist Chino Moreno) doesn’t seem to get tired playing a full-packed set list of 25 songs!

Deftones Live in Manila

Deftones is composed of Chino Moreno on vocals and guitars, Stephen Carpenter on guitars, Sergio Vega (filling in for Chi Cheng) on bass, Frank Delgado on keyboards and turntables, and Abe Cunningham on drums and percussion.

Deftones Live in Manila

The concert event has all the elements for an Epic event. Great crowd. Great Performance. Rockin’ Great Night.


-Engine No 9
-Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)
-My Own Summer(Shove It)
-Around The Fur
-Digital Bath
-Knife Party
-Bloody Cape
-Rocket Skates
-You’ve Seen the Butcher
-Beauty School
-Hole in the Earth
-Back to School(Mini Maggit)
-Change (In The House of Flies)

Encore: – Root
-Final song: 7 Words

Total of songs: 25 songs

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