Pupil lets it rip at their 20/20 Music Video Launch

Last July 22, 2011, Friday, Pupil launched their much anticipated music video of 20/20 from their 3rd album Limiters of the Infinity Pool. A mini concert event was held at the 5L Top Shelf Fully Booked High Street with guests Mayo Baluyut with the Revenge Avenger and  Outerhope.

Pupil opened with “Let Her Rip”, then played 10 more songs prior to the showing of the music video.


Pupil is fronted by none other than Ely Buendia on lead vocals and guitars, with Yan Yuzon on lead guitar, Dok Sergio on bass, and Wendell Garcia on drums.





Pupil’s 20/20 song was then joined by the performance of Francis “Brew” Reyes on guitars.


You can ONLY watch the full  music video at MYX music channel. As of now, just check the link below for the teaser trailer of the 20/20 music video.

To briefly describe the 20/20 music video – mind tripper with matching goosebumps but all in a great way. Needless to say it was an awesome video.

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