Himig Dekada 70 ni Joey “Pepe” Smith

“Rock and Roll!” said Pepe Smith as he went on stage. Indeed, it was his cue to start rocking the stage and no one could have said it any better than the Pinoy Rock Legend himself.

In the small city down south like Las Pinas, there was not much rock or even alternative music scene. So, when I found out that Pepe Smith was performing at Cowboy Grill I have already decided to watch. The hell if the place was mostly packed by party people dancing to some show bands. haha! This is Pepe Smith in our town!

Rocking together with Pepe Smith.

Pepe Smith sang the classic hits from Juan Dela Cruz Band: Beep Beep, Balong Malalim, Himig Natin and covers like Satisfaction.

The crowd joined together singing and dancing to the classic favorites:

Gusto ko mag-swimming
Sa balong malalim.

Ang himig natin
ang inyong awitin
upang tayo’y magsama-sama
sa langit ng pag-asa

And I think, Pepe Smith will still be rocking for many years to come. For what would be Pinoy Rock without Pepe Smith.

To quote from the book – Punks, Poets and Poseurs by Eric Caruncho:

“Joey Smith wasn’t the inventor of Pinoy Rock. Joey Smith IS Pinoy Rock”

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