Christmas lovin’ with The Bloomfields

Last December 2, 2011, Toshiba Laguna held its annual company wide Christmas party. with a crowd of more than 14,000 people eagerly awaiting their favorite artists and the main band to perform.

But for a company with most of its employees residing in the Laguna and Batangas area, some artists, though already known in the urban metro, may not be that recognizable for the rest of my colleagues.

And that was the first impression when The Bloomfields came out on stage.

The big crowd slowly dwindled off. Some just watched and stared in curiosity on the performing band. But that was just for the first few songs.

The band sang out tunes from The Beatles, The Cure, songs mostly from the 70’s and 80’s nostalgia and some of their original songs (Express Highway, It’s Complicated) combined with the band’s energetic vibe did not fail to capture the listening audience’s attention.

The Bloomfields turned out to be the best performer during our Christmas party. Not only did they become known by the audience but they were already loved by them.

The girls went up on stage just to get chance for a photo op with the band. Made me reminisce the Beatles heyday.

The Bloomfields are Rocky Collado on Drums and Vocals; Lakan Hila on Lead Guitar and Vocals; Dino Pascual on Rhythm Guitars and Vocals and Louie Poco on Bass and Vocals.

Louie Poco

Lakan Hila

Dino Pascual

Rocky Collado

More Photos below:

To get to know more about the band and their gig schedules, check out their Facebook page The Bloomfields.

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