Jeepney Joyride’s first at Saguijo

I’ve known of the band Jeepney Joyride way back 2002 when I was still in college. I still remembered the vocalist Norman already donning the “spoon” eyewear. Yes, you got it right, he is wearing spoons with holes to see on his eyes! hehe! (I never got to ask how he had it in good condition until now.)

I watched them perform at Saguijo last December 2011. Saguijo is one of the known locations wherein every night, you can get to watch emerging bands playing alongside the more established bands.

But even with the band’s long run in the music industry, it was surprisingly their first time to perform at Saguijo.

Jeepney Joyride is one of the most notable ska bands in the country. Comprised of band members: Norman (vocals), Mark Bambico (Drums), Jerwine Dumalag (Keyboard), Jet Gozar (Guitar), Gian Caluag (Bass), Melvin Cabañero (Trumpet), Chris Sison (Tenor Sax), Mike Estrella (Trombone) and Diamond Manuel (Trombone).

Another “spoon” man of Jeepney Joyride.

Frontman – Norman was requesting for water and jokingly said that he would pass out if the water was still not given to him soon. hehe!

You can check out their gig schedules at Jeepney Joyride’s FB page  and follow them on twitter @JeepneyJoyride.

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