Fete dela Musique: Cynthia Alexander plays with Brigada

A day after the send-off series of Cynthia Alexander, we were again in front of the stage waiting for her to play at Fete Dela Musique. The sun was already setting and the crowd growing with eager anticipation as Cynthia and Brigada went up on stage.

Cynthia Alexander and Brigada

We were set at the main stage of Fete Dela Musique which was held last June 23 at Makati Avenue. Cythia, Mlou, CJ Wasu, Jonathan, Beany and Brigada opened up with the upbeat song “Wait”. Since the Fete theme “Dear Prudence” was a Beatles tribute, they also performed “Across the Universe”, delighting the crowd.

Also performing with them is Dona Esteban, dancing along the band’s music.

Sensual dance by Dona Esteban

It was a short set. The crowd yelled, “More!”, as they strongly requested for an encore. Cynthia smiled as Mlou nodded to her in return. She performed “Comfort in your Strangeness”, the song that is always most requested of her.

Cynthia plays “Comfort in your Strangeness”

Regretting the opportunity I passed on to have a photo taken with Cynthia before her gig at the 70’s bistro, I pursued to have a photo op with her after her performance at the Fete.

Photo Op with Cynthia finally. All smiles 🙂


Gabrielle “Beany” Mendez on percussion

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