Sandwich Frontman dives into the Ang Nagwawala crowd

Aside from giving great music and doing a great stage performance, Sandwich frontman, Raimund Marasigan, left a more lasting impression at the Ang Nagwawala Party by taking not one, but multiple leaps of faith into the crowd.

In most stage dives, you may be caught by the crowd or may find yourself falling with face flat on the ground.

Take a look on how Raimund shows you how to take a stage dive and be caught by the pit.

Raimund warming up the crowd

Pumping up the crowd energy

Nothing could be a better preparation for a dive than a rocking great music

Diego asks a kid beside me to join him at the stage

Myrene on bass

Raimund is pointing to the pit where he signals his intention to stage dive.

Taking the leap of faith into the eager arms of the crowd

Don’t go down just yet. Do a little crowd swimming

Raimund took a leap in the crowd mulitple times. I think he did it for every song they performed.

After the set, he was greeted by the crowd with cheers and high fives.

High Five Mofo Raimund!

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