The Camerawalls: Wanderlust + SEA Tour Launch Party

It took me 2 years to finally watch The Camerawalls live again. Last time I watched was during their Bread and Circuses Album Launch in 2010. Now it’s for their send-off for their Southeast Asian tour and Wanderlust single launch.

Held last August 20 at Quantum Cafe Makati with other Lilystars artists performing that night, Finest Summer and Your Imaginary Friends.

Your Imaginary Friends

After launching their single Wanderlust, they then wandered throughout Southeast Asia for their “Wanderlust: The Camerawalls South-East Asian Backpack Tour” at Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

They performed many of their original songs from Pocket Guide to the Otherworld and Bread and Circuses. Not without covers also from The Beatles, Echo and the Bunnymen and The Smiths. Watching them live again made me NOT regret missing Morrissey live. 🙂

It was actually hard focusing on capturing Clem while he performs with so much energy and at the same time enjoying their music. Clem is such an all-out performer. You can never just capture the same stance during his performances. Watching him reminds why I do love music and photographing musicians. 🙂

Our Wanderlust signed EP and postcard 🙂

See below for more of the photos of this event:

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