Malakañang Saturdays featuring Peso Movement

Peso Movement

This was not a typical gig night for us. We were in an art studio, spacious enough to appreciate works of art, layout some paint canvass, drink booze and homey enough to just sit in a comfy sofa or a rocking chair if you like, and appreciate good (loud!) music.

Japs Sergio

We were in Blot Art Studio for their regular Malakañang Saturdays event. Aside from their resident performing artist – Skies of Ember, Peso Movement was performing that night.

Skies of EmberSkies of Ember

Peso Movement may be classified as one of those superbands having grouped together these amazing musicians in the Philippine rock industry. But as with newly formed bands, their music is still raw, honest, loud and just leaves you wanting for more.

Francis Reyes and Japs Sergio

Kurt and Macky of Peso Movement

Francis Reyes

Peso Movement is : Japs Sergio – vocals/guitars; Francis Reyes – guitars; Kurt Floresca – drums; Macky Macaventa – bass.

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