Daydream Cycle Reunion Gig

Japs was having a little chitchat on stage with the hosts while Bogs was busily setting up all his effects gadgets. He was asked when their last gig was, he just smiled and said he cannot even remember when their last gig was.

Bogs Jugo

Doc Sergio

I was a fan of Daydream Cycle since my college days and that was quite a long time ago. And maybe that was how long ago Daydream Cycle last performed also. It was a really good bonus for us as this “reunion gig” by the DDC was part of the opening of Heima at Brixton street and Ang Nawawala Soundtrack Vinyl launch party.

Japs Sergio

Daydream Cycle

In this kind of rare event, I had to forget my DDC CD and have it signed. I’ll just have to have it signed in separate gigs of each of the band members. My boyfriend, Erick, has the rare 1st album which got the band excited to see since they don’t even have a copy of their own.

Kathy Meneses and Japs Sergio

I have many favorite underground bands during the days of defunct NU 107 rock station. With some of them having separated ways and some of them have re-grouped again (even for just a night)and it amuses me that I have a chance to see them perform live for the 1st time.

Japs Sergio

Daydream Cycle

Daydream Cycle is Kathy Meneses (vocals), Japs Sergio (guitar), Jerome Velasco (guitar), Dok Sergio (bass), Bogs Jugo (beats)

You can also check some of these videos of Daydream Cycle’s performance that night.

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