Dicta License: Before the Long Break

Dicta License

Why do I like Dicta License? What made me a fan of this band for too long? I was caught in a surprise interview by Max from Radio Republic on the last gig of Dicta License last July 25 at B-Side before they go on a temporary hiatus. Not being able to express myself articulately, I was flustered with blurting out some fan musings without clearly pointing out what really made me a follower of this band. And it got me thinking.

Pochoy Labog

What made me drawn to the music of Dicta License?

Taking a look back, I started listening to them from the time they aired the song “Duct Tape” in NU107 way back 2001. Wow! I have been a fan for 14 years! Originally a fan of RATM, I looked up to them as their local counterpart. The influence of RATM in their music was undeniable – a rap/rock band with sociopolitical views and the front man sounding like Zach dela Rocha.


Their music evolved after a few years. The sociopolitical relevance of their song writing process was stronger than ever but the RATM influence in their music already became a shadow of their past. The release of their debut (and only album to date) Paghilom sparked in me a deeper admiration for their music. It is timeless, never losing its social relevance and still a fresh alternative to today’s current state of music.  It would have been the perfect “dubsmash” of what I would’ve wanted to say to our present state of nationalism and the rotting political situation in our country.

Dicta License
Kelly Mangahas
Brian Makasiar

Boogie Romero
Dicta License

Pochoy Labog

Dicta License


I have always been a straightforward music fan. I do not usually dissect the science or technology behind it. For me, a tune or melody that resonates long after listening to it combined with a story or an emotion that punches me hard in the face is what makes me listener and a fan for as long as their music matters.

Dicta License

*Part 2 of this post will feature the other bands in this gig: Brigada, Sandwich, Assembly Generals and Stick Figgas.

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