About Siopaotonic

Rocel  Zamora is an engineer by profession and spends her week on a stressful but sometimes slightly boring day job. Outside of her technical life, she has also dabbled in digital arts and web design.

Siopaotonic as she calls herself, is finding peace in rock and roll music, capturing the world in color and seeing thru your soul in black and white.




For any comments, inquiries, anything you feel catatonic about or whatnot.

email: rocel.zamora@gmail.com
twitter: siopaotonic
tumblr: siopaotonic.tumblr.com
flickr site: http://www.flickr.com/photos/beautifuldistortion/

3 thoughts on “About Siopaotonic

  1. ‘really admired how you pour your love for music + photography….idol…..can’t forget the first time we’ve met during Pinay Shutters workshop…”college girl”…heheheh…keep on shooting and sharing those lovely pix sis…

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