Fete dela Musique: Cynthia Alexander plays with Brigada

A day after the send-off series of Cynthia Alexander, we were again in front of the stage waiting for her to play at Fete Dela Musique. The sun was already setting and the crowd growing with eager anticipation as Cynthia and Brigada went up on stage.

Cynthia Alexander and Brigada

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Cynthia Alexander: Send Off Series at 70’s Bistro

The corner of the street was suddenly like an extension of 70’s bistro. Aside from Cynthia Alexander, there was Johnny Alegre, CJ Wasu, Eddie Boy Escudero, Louie Talan and some music fans who seemed to have known that Cynthia was there. They were in slight disbelief on the number of people who came at the Bistro, thinking on how even the band can get through such a huge crowd. It was already the 2nd to the last of her send-off series.

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