Dicta License: Before the Long Break

Dicta License

Why do I like Dicta License? What made me a fan of this band for too long? I was caught in a surprise interview by Max from Radio Republic on the last gig of Dicta License last July 25 at B-Side before they go on a temporary hiatus. Not being able to express myself articulately, I was flustered with blurting out some fan musings without clearly pointing out what really made me a follower of this band. And it got me thinking.

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Teeth’s Reunion Concert at the Metrotent

This is the concert that paved the way for many other reunion gigs of Teeth this year. Held last May 15, 2014 at the Metrotent, Teeth rewarded the crowd with an almost 2-hour set from their 90’s to early 2000 grunge hits – Prinsesa, Laklak, Darating, Shooting Star and several other songs. Watching and hearing them live brought back college memories, a time when radio was not yet killed by YouTube.

Teeth Members: Glenn Jacinto – Vocals, Jerome Velasco – Guitars, Mike Dizon – Drums, Andrew “Dok” Sergio -Guitars/Vocals, Pedz Narvaja – Bass

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